Pet Sitter Jacksonville FL
I Will Use Again & Again...


"Christina is a wonder with animals.  I had never used an in-home pet sitter before and being new to the Jacksonville, FL area, we didn't know who we could trust, 
but with Christina from the initial meeting, I knew that she was the one.

My husband and I have two mini Daschunds and two older cats.  All were so happy and well taken care of any time we engaged While You're Away services.

It gives us peace of mind knowing that we are leaving, what we consider members of our family, in the care of someone whom we can trust.

While You're Away is a pet care company that we continue to use again & again! The best of Jacksonville!"


● Zach & Alicia  32205



"Thank you for taking such good care of our kitty & our home when we take our long vacations.  She is a very special kitty to us & well our home is our home.  It puts us at ease knowing both are being cared for & look after by you.  You guys seriously are the best.


● Mike & Pennie  32218

Love, Care, It Means A Lot...


"I have recommended you highly to several of our "doggie" friends and continue to do so.


We truly appreciate the wonderful work you do for our furry families."


● Larry & Christy  32224


"We're so glad we found you.  Our dogs are definitely family members & leaving them with someone who understands that and feels the same way means a lot."


● Edwin & Abby  32256


"Thank you both so much!  My 3 kitties & bird Mikey love you guys!  I feel so secure & happy knowing you are taking great care of them.  We all look forward to seeing you again & again."


● Marylin E.  32258

Thank You So Much...


"Thank you so much for all the love you have given & continue to give Jake."


● Kim O.  32223


"While I was ill and possibly going into the hospital I was admitted into the hospital and was seriously worried about my cat.


I gave my doctor While You're Aways 

number and asked him to contact them. My doctor made contact & on short notice, from that point forward, all of my worries went away.  Christina, the owner, came to the hospital and spent 3-4 hours with me at the hospital & on-top of that they then went & personally cared for my cat.

Anytime I have needed anything from taking me to doctor visits to taking me to get a new cell phone, Christina, the 
owner, has taken personal care of me.

The willingness, promptness and most of all, care and attention I received from While You're Away is astonishing.  For someone I hardly knew to have that 
much love & concern in their hearts to make me & my situation a top priority is nothing short of absolutely stunning."


● Carol R.  32259