Our Services Overview


Below you will find a brief overview of each of our services.  If you would like more information on pricing, plans and additional details just click the "more info" button.

In-Home Pet Care (Pet Sitting)

Pet Sitter Jacksonville FL
Peace of Mind


  • Our In-Home Pet Care services provide custom, comprehensive pet care for almost any type of pets.

  • We offer pet owners peace of mind while ensuring the health and happiness of your furry or feathered loved ones.

  • Our visits also increase the security of your home and property as we perform a security check of the exterior of your home during our visit.

  • We also provide Overnight In-Home Pet Care where we stay overnight in your home for 10-12 hours.

Dog Walking

Pet Sitter Jacksonville FL
Interaction, Exercise & Play


  • Our Dog Walking service provides your furry bow-wow(s) with the exercise, interaction, playtime & bathroom break(s) they crave.

  • During every walk we positive reinforcement in conjunction with your commands to promote positive behavior.

  • We offer daily, weekly & monthly packages.

  • Customized shceduled walks to your bow-wow(s) routine.

  • We also offer closely monitored field trips to the local dog parks in our area.

Exclusive Boarding

Pet Sitter Jacksonville FL
Love, Play & Care 24 - 7 


  • Our Exclusive Pet Boarding service offers you 24-7 care in our home as an option.

  • Incorporates a home environment for your pet(s).

  • Your pet(s) get their own clean cage-less space.  Whatever rules you have at home will apply when your furry comes to stay with us.  For example, if your furry is allowed to sleep in your bed, same goes when your furry is with us.

  • All bow-wows that stay with us also get the friendship of our 5 year old Springer Spaniel Maxie.  Maxie is fully trained, obedient, well mannered, submissive and super playful.