Dog Walking

Pet Sitter Jacksonville FL

Included With Every Walk


  • 20 minutes of exercise

  • Perform a health & physical wellness check of each pet

  • Bathroom break

  • Animal waste clean up

  • Plenty of extra love, attention, interaction, extra rubs & petting

  • Any type of medication application (we are experienced & trained)

  • Home & property security check

  • Pick-up your mail & newspaper, take trash out, in or both, water plants, etc any other small tasks you might want.

Additional Information


  • Multi-Visit discounts (30 Minute Visits) are available starting at a minimum purchase of 20 visits.  These are a great idea for planned vacations or when you know you will be using us more than 20 time per week, month or year.  Contact us for details.

  • We offer Overnight Care (10, 12 & 24 hrs) where we stay in your home, contact us for pricing & availability.

  • Depending on the current price of fuel and distance we may include an adjustable fuel surcharge fee.

  • Dogs require 1 visit every 12 hours to ensure their health and wellbeing.  Cats require a minimum of 1 visit every 24 hours.

  • Holiday surcharge of $10.00 per visit applies during the following holiday periods:  New Years Eve, New Years Day, Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve & Christmas Day.

Basic Rates

30 Minute Walk ...............  $19.00 + FSC* / walk

45 Minute Walk ...............  $26.00 + FSC* / walk

60 Minute Walk ...............  $34.00 + FSC* / walk

Additional Pets 3+ ..........  $3.00 / pet / walk


Pets 1 & 2 are included in our base rate however 3+ incurr an additional charge due to the increased time required to provide quality exercise & care.


* Fuel Surcharge

Customized & Bulk Pet Walk Packages

We offer discounts when purchasing bulk dog walks.  Contact us to discuss our bulk pricing.  Bulk purchase discounts start at a minimum of 20 walks.


We also offer customized dog walks with options such as schedules, distances, speed, etc.  Together we will put together a dog exercise program that meets you & your bow-wows specific needs.